Q. How do I earn points?

A. You must scan your Barcode, QR code, or manually enter these numbers from your itemized receipt into your account using your Bar Louie App or logging into your account from a browser.

Q. Can I earn points from a receipt that is not mine?

A. No. Points are only awarded to a single loyalty member's account for their own individual transaction.

Q. If I split a payment with someone else, do I get full receipt points?

A. No. Points will only be earned on the subtotal amount of your portion of the check. Splitting a receipt will split the amount of points available for earning.

Q. Can I redeem two receipts from the same day?

A. Yes. However, the receipts must be for separate dining experiences and must be at least 4 hours apart.

Q. How long do I have to scan my receipt to earn points?

A. A receipt must be scanned within 3 days of purchase in order to earn points. If there is an issue that prevents the receipt from being scanned, we must be notified of the issue within 3 days of the purchase.

Q. Can I earn points for alcoholic drinks?

A. Yes. However, the check must include a food purchase.

Q. Can I redeem reward vouchers, points, or coupons for alcoholic drinks?

A. No. Reward vouchers and coupons only apply to food.

Q. Can I share my rewards or transfer points?

A. No. Points cannot be shared or transferred.

Q. Do my points expire?

A. Points will expire if there are no purchases made in a 12 month period. You must check-in your transaction to register your purchases. (This means scanning/entering your barcode/QR code)

Q. Can I use my points in conjunction with other promotions or discounts? (e.g., Happy Hour, Burger Tuesday, Late Night Happy Hour, etc.)

A. No. You cannot use your points or vouchers during any promotional times, with other coupons or vouchers, or with any other discounted menu items.

Q: When I redeem a voucher (i.e., $10, $25, $35, etc.), do I have to use it in full?

A. Yes. When you select an amount, the entire amount will be used up regardless of the check amount or if it applies in full. (Does not apply to alcohol) No points or monetary difference for any amount not used, will go back to your account. Be sure to use the voucher that best applies your check.

Q. Once a reward is redeemed, how long do I have before it expires?

A. You have 4 hours from the time you redeem it.

Q. How long does it take to see my earned points?

A. Points will show up in your account immediately after checking in your transaction. (scanning or entering your barcode/QR code)

Q. Where can I redeem my rewards?

A. You can redeem your rewards when you order online or dine-in at any Bar Louie location.

Q. I referred my friend, but I am not seeing my points?

A. You will receive your referral points after your friend's first purchase and check-in. (scan/enter their receipt into their account)

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