• How large is the event floor and how many people can it accommodate?

    3,000 square feet, Seated events up to 100, Cocktail events up to 125

  • What is included in my room rental?

    Tables, chairs, plates and silverware, private bar, private lounge, AV (speakers, TVs, microphone)

  • How late can my party go?

    Event floor closes at midnight

  • Can I play my own music?

    Yes, you are welcome to bring in a Live band, DJ, play your own playlist, or use our restaurant music in the background.

  • What about reserving the room for my 10 closest friends, do you have a private dining room?

    Bar Louieā€™s second floor is more banquet/event space rather than private dining room. It is priced ideally for groups with a minimum of 25 guests. While we can do our best to fit smaller groups in, especially during daytime or weekdays, it does come with a room rental fee and the buffet package minimums.

  • Can my guests order off the menu?

    No, we only serve food buffet style in our event space.

  • What is the parking like?

    We have a large lot out front of the restaurant as well as an overflow lot off to the side.

  • Do you have elevator access?


  • I wanted to rent the 3rd floor, indoor/outdoor rooftop. Is that an option?

    Yes, on Mondays and Wednesdays or Sunday evenings only, the 3rd floor is available to be rented out for private parties. Contact Jessica for more details including pricing.