Rebel Yell

Sauza Blue Silver, Sam Adams Rebel Juiced IPA, fresh lime juice, agave nectar, lime wedge, salt rim


Buffalo Chicken Totchos

boneless buffalo chicken wings, tater tots, bacon crumbles, four cheese blend, onion strings, green onions, smoked onion ranch drizzle, tortilla chips, served with queso


Queso Loco

melted queso oaxaca, mozzarella and provolone with charredjalapeños, marinated mushrooms, and grilled onions, topped with pico de gallo, queso fresco, cilantro, served with warm corn tortillas


K-Town Nachos

grilled chicken, tiger sauce, spicy kimchi slaw, tortialla chips, topped with three cheese blend, basil, cilantro, mint,drizzled with smoked onion ranch


Nachos Libre

grilled chicken, black beans, four cheese blend, jalapeño, pico de gallo, cilantro, avocado ranch dressing, tortilla chips, served with queso


Ahi Poke

diced ahi poke tuna with basil, cilantro, mint, spicy kimchi slaw,sesame seeds and green onions, topped with tiger sauce


Spiked BulleitĀ® Bourbon Burger

ground beef covered in our spiked house-made sauce with BULLEIT® bourbon, topped with cheddar cheese, cream cheese, applewood smoked bacon, and crispy onion strings served with fries or tots.*21 and over, sorry kiddos. (made with chicken, turkey, and portabella)

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